Wednesday, May 4, 2016 — Marie Jo launches brand-new Undertones line, sublimely tailored to the personality of today’s cosmopolitan women. May 2016 sees the launch of a new line of luxurious Marie Jo essentials. Marie Jo Undertones combines innovative comfort and meticulous craftsmanship with exceptionally elegant minimalism. Undertones is a sophisticated take on minimalism, featuring pure styles, beautifully refined fabrics and a perfect palette. 

This line captures the timeless nature of Marie Jo. Marie Jo Undertones is all about opulent luxury; never garish and always seductive. A manifesto that quietly exudes pure class.

The three colours have been specially selected to match various skin types and ensure a perfect fit for every woman. These minimalist styles all come with sensual details as transparent accents.

Undertones – the name says it all: for the palette the Belgian label drew inspiration from tints that subtly match various skin types. The result is a series that brings the best out of diverse complexions in a sublimely refined way. The three colours are glossy pink, patina and black.

With Marie Jo Undertones, the Belgian lingerie label once again lives up to its strapline: ‘Created for living and loving’. The label’s brand-new line encapsulates the essence of lingerie with flawless but understated cups that are also deeply feminine and gorgeously refined. Rather than basics, these lingerie sets are absolute essentials. Full-blooded belgitude: the series pairs a pure, feminine look with a no nonsense feel. Or to put it another way: a series designed by women, for women.

Photography duo Petrovsky & Ramone shot the campaign visuals. Their images are feminine, authentic but soft, cleverly reflecting the values of this all-new line.

About Marie Jo

Marie Jo revolutionised the lingerie industry in 1981 with a trail-blazing high-end Belgian signature: the label combines discreet luxury with novel designs, catering to self-assured women who want to make a seductive yet refined statement. ‘Created for loving and living’, Marie Jo lingerie inspires today’s single-minded women with high-calibre lingerie that combines the power of comfort and beauty, every day.