Marie Jo L'Aventure: winter collection 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 — This winter Marie Jo gives the floor to sensual women, steadfast yet sensitive. No one oozes the power of elegant femininity like this Belgian label, which refuses to compromise on refined class and a perfect fit. For Marie Jo winter embraces a Swiss mountain landscape: rock-solid but delicate.

Marie Jo L'Aventure, minimalist mix 'n match of pure luxe

Marie Jo L’Aventure captures hearts this winter with the ultimate modern mix: the new collection combines fine details with a pure cut and structured lines. AW 2016-2017 exudes unbridled adventure with a natural twist. A natural high: vast Swiss lakes, brooks and valleys in their purest form. Smart but far from goody-goody. Understated minimalism and graphical expressionism complement each other with supreme verve.

Minimal cuts in high-grade smooth fabrics flirt with the style codes thanks to a playful mix and match of smart stripes, restrained transparency, subtle tulle and fine dots. Marie Jo excels in modern luxury with unexpected combinations. Pure cuts are paired up impressively with contemporary floral prints, boudoir details and innovative fabrics.

The palette is eye-catching, with a starring role for colour blocking. The architecturally colourful spectrum mingles with shades of pale tints and a range of powder colours and ecru touches. In turn, the soft palette is finished with deep shades of Italian brown.

Lingerie is peeking through again. Shoulders and neck are the new sensual zones this winter and shoulderless eye-catchers are setting the tone. The contemporary take on the triangle bra is a stylish exemplar of the trend. The refreshing interpretation of the wire bra suggests you’re wearing a triangle top.

Marie Jo L’Aventure celebrates every day heroes. In other words: sultry minimalism with just the right sprinkling of easy cool. Serene, relaxed and a little bit naughty. Poppy accents and refined head-turners that give a gentle nod to the boudoir look take the easy chic figure to the next level. If we let Marie Jo L’Aventure decide, we could go so many ways: wonderfully adventurous with soft contrasts or totally uncomplicated with a sleek silhouette.

Over Marie Jo L'Aventure

Since 1997, Marie Jo L’Aventure has enticed cosmopolitan women with minimalist lingerie that can be endlessly mixed and matched. The collection combines discreet sensuality with pure lines, the hallmark of the label. ‘Created for loving and living’, Marie Jo L’Aventure’s ambition is to allow women on a mission to move stylishly, at all times, whatever the occasion.

Marie Jo L'Aventure Ingo
Marie Jo L'Aventure Ingo
Marie Jo L'Aventure Andreas
Marie Jo L'Aventure Antoni GSU
Marie Jo L'Aventure Antoni VTB
Marie Jo L'Aventure Baptiste
Marie Jo L'Aventure Ingo LTA
Marie Jo L'Aventure Ingo LTA
Marie Jo L'Aventure Oscar
Marie Jo L'Aventure Rafael
Marie Jo L'Aventure Oscar
Marie Jo L'Aventure Rafael PKD