Lingerie for Valentine: these sets suit your love type

Sunday, February 14, 2016 — Is love for you a game of seduction or do you unleash all your passion in the bedroom? Specially for Valentine’s Day, lingerie labels Marie Jo, PrimaDonna and Andres Sarda pick out the best sets for your love type.

Fiery and without inhibitions

Your love type: with total abandon

When you fall in love you embrace it completely, 100%, with no compromises. You like your lover to surprise you with a home-cooked Valentine dinner, a romantic weekend or – even better – a sexy lingerie set. For you, love is passion without inhibitions but plenty of fire. No wonder you prefer red lingerie on Valentine’s Day, love’s own special day.

Your ideal lingerie set: Lauren in Valentine Red and Divine in Red

Pure passion in cherry red – meet Lauren. The balcony bra gives you divine cleavage, and that sexy silk dress and the deluxe garter belt are just perfect for Valentine’s Day. Take a large cup? You will be radiant in Divine’s transparent all-over lace in fiery red. Super sexy but with firm support.

Flamboyant in colour

Your love type: ebullient

That feeling of butterflies in your tummy – there’s nothing better to your mind. You love falling in love and do it often. And we mean truly, madly, deeply. You bombard your sweetheart with affectionate text messages, small gifts and declarations of love from your own hand, and you expect the same attentiveness and devotion from your partner. No surprise, then, that you celebrate Valentine’s Day with champagne, pralines and lots and lots of candles. Long live love!

Black Lace