International Women’s Day: Marie Jo places everyday heroines in the spotlight

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 — Marie Jo SS18 honours everyday heroines: strong women who inspire, empower, and move others. The lingerie label has used nature, which is sensitive yet steady, as its source of inspiration. The sophisticated strength of the flower stands as a symbol for the inspirational everyday heroines.

Stylized flowers, delicate blossoms, and ornate sprigs define the collection. The distinct, pure shape of the flowers symbolizes the fundamental strength of the everyday heroines for whom Marie Jo has designed this collection. Marie Jo is defined by its motto: Created for living and loving. The brand uses this vision to empower confident women who want to make a feminine and elegant statement. This collection places women with strong characters on a pedestal by giving them the perfect essentials with which they can start each day anew and realize their ambitions and dreams.

Marie Jo SS18 is a powerful tribute to flawless femininity with a focus on the perfect fit. This Belgian brand offers a luxurious addition to the daily wardrobe of each passionate woman. The cuts are sophisticated and immaculate. This lingerie not only beautiful, but supports the ambitions of each and every woman.

The subtle palette of serene pastels is combined with sultry neon colours such as orange-red and grapefruit. This gentle summer colour palette also has a special place for Eastern-inspired shades of white such as nature, oyster, and blossom white. Innovative interpretations of nude such as café latte and patine complete the collection.

Marie Jo SS18 captures the essence of lingerie for everyday heroines. The comfortable and innovative designs are feminine and elegant. This lingerie collection is all about essentials, those basic items that you need in your wardrobe to start each day anew and inspired.

This collection embraces the elegance of opulent luxury that is seductive at all times. This Belgian brand integrates tranquillity and a moment to breathe into the busy days of all everyday heroines. Delicate flowers stand as a symbol for the purity of summer and hint at the illusion of sheerness. This impression of sheerness is translated into a balanced choice of textiles and subtle details.

Italian lace and French Leavers lace challenge one another in an intricate interplay of exquisite contrasts. Delicate lace with dainty floral patterns are stylishly balanced with Swiss embroidery. The collection is defined by a wealth of sophisticated structures that are unveiled in a stunning range of colours. Marie Jo combines visual temptation with innovate comfort and years of experience. This Belgian fashion house has created a brilliant collection of powerful simplicity, customized to every passionate woman; a collection that caresses your skin like a sensual perfume. This extensive collection honours the uniqueness of each woman with a customised lingerie set that matches her lifestyle and ambition.

Do you share your power?

Do you share your power? - Mariah

Do you share your power? - Michaela

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