8 Marie Jo design secrets

Even if you’ve chosen a Marie Jo bra just because you like the way it looks, you can also be assured of a perfect fit and a high standard of quality. A Marie Jo bra feels as if it was made exclusively for you ... which is actually true. Marie Jo lingerie is made for and by women, after all.

We diligently inspect, test, and adjust our bras throughout every phase of the design process. As a result, the journey taken by every lingerie set, from the drawing table to the boutique, takes 18 months in all. We translate the latest fashion trends into high-quality, comfortable lingerie. This is subsequently tried on by our fitting ladies, who present our designers with their feedback. Only when every detail is perfect will a Marie Jo bra go into production.

Forget about fast fashion: This is fashionable lingerie, designed to outlast any fashion trend. Your Invisible Force under every outfit!


  • On average, one Avero bra – Marie Jo’s most iconic design – is sold every minute somewhere in the world. After thirty years it’s still our most popular series. The “it” bra of many a style icon can be spotted instantly on account of the straps featuring the ever-popular daisies. ​
  • Women change, and Marie Jo’s styles adapt to them. At Marie Jo, we continually respond to new demands, expectations, changing lifestyles, and evolving tastes. Marie Jo listens, thinks, and improves, whether it’s about the fit, the overall look, or details in the trim and finish. Avero, for example, has undergone 54 color transformations in the course of its lifetime! Always on trend, Avero is a lingerie icon with an unprecedented fit and a look that never fails to surprise. ​
  • 18 months: That’s how long it takes before a Marie Jo design is ready to be displayed on the racks of your lingerie boutique. The production process alone takes up 6 months, while the design, research, fitting, and optimization ​ stages require 12 months to complete.
  • The prototypes for each bra – in every bra size – are hand-stitched at the Marie Jo workshop in Schellebelle. A new prototype is finished here every 10 minutes.
  • The stitching process for these prototypes in every bra size requires a number of different steps, and just as many different machines. There are 24 sewing machines in the workshop, each of which is set to sew a different component:
    • The parts from which the cups are made
    • The hooks and eyes (or back closures)
    • The finish at the bottom of the bra
    • The elastic at the back
    • The underwireThe straps
  • A total of 33 seamstresses are employed at the Marie Jo workshop in the Belgian village of Schellebelle to create the prototypes for the lingerie collections.
  • Marie Jo is lingerie made for and by women. Our fitting ladies try on every bra we make, and present the team with their feedback. Listening to what they say about aspects such as comfort, fit, and quality allows us to make constant improvements to our lingerie.
  • Every design we create is tested extensively on comfort, fit, styling effect, and quality, as well as on c olor. A bra consists of 45 parts in all, many of which are procured from individual suppliers. Our experts inspect them under three types of lighting: daylight, artificial lighting, and a combination of both. This way, we can be assured that every part has indeed been supplied in the latest fashion color.


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About Marie Jo

Marie Jo is the go-to lingerie label for true lingerie lovers who love surprising, on-trend designs with a comfy fit. 

The effect of your favourite Marie Jo lingerie can be felt inside and seen outside. Because Marie Jo lingerie that fits well and matches your look and style is your invisible force.  Whatever your plans are, your Marie Jo lingerie will give you an instant self-confidence boost!

In the Marie Jo collections, you'll discover shapes for every breast type. From a sexy plunge to a trendy bralette: you choose from familiar or new, trendy cuts that fit as well as they look. Your ideal match is the shape you prefer to wear and matches your outfit. Marie Jo lingerie always surprises, never disappoints.

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